As technology advances, businesses are compelled to modernize legacy systems they have used over the years.


While some businesses were quick to modernize their work, other organizations and governments still need to decide whether they should modernize their legacy systems.

Research shows that tech teams use 75% of their developmental budgets for maintaining legacy systems that need to be modernized. This is a massive investment, for sure.

Even the US Government accountability office claimed that the US federal government spent $337 million of taxpayers’ money annually to maintain and operate legacy systems.

Worst enough, private organizations spend more than $600 billion to maintain outdated systems every year.

What if all this investment is used to erect the latest technological infrastructure that is helpful in the long run? That can bring your business to unprecedented heights. And that can give you long-term satisfaction while your business fears become obsolete.

Look, there are various disadvantages of legacy systems

When you keep using legacy systems, you make your customers disappointed.

Once your customers know that they have better and faster options, they will take no time to switch their loyalties.

And every lost customer means that your business is one step closer to getting destroyed. Isn’t it?

Not to mention that your business will stand irrelevant in the near future when the IT boom makes adaptable businesses more user-friendly.

This means that the years of hard work you put into establishing the business will be wasted.

Consider Nokia’s case. A mobile phone that dominated the market in the early 2000s lost its relevance once modern technology emerged. Nokia failed because it was reluctant to say goodbye to its legacy systems, sucking the company’s profit like leeches suck blood.

Furthermore, the cost of maintaining legacy systems gets unaffordable at times.

But the good news is that it won’t happen since we are presenting you with a solution that is enough to keep your business up and running for decades to come – that too with much higher profit.

And that too without losing even a tiny bit of your essential data on which your business survives.


You can keep your business operational (and make profits in parallel) while we are modernizing your legacy systems.

But replacing legacy systems can be challenging if you are not using a proven legacy system migration strategy.

You might have read similar claims elsewhere that don’t work.

The only reason why other solutions don’t work is that they are meant not to

And the primary reason for the failure of those solutions includes the inexperienced tech team and their tendency towards generic solutions.

Whether your business gets upgraded efficiently or not is none of their business.

Or you may have faced a situation where you lose data while modernizing your legacy systems.

That is why we are deploying a workable strategy proven to bring results.

Soleqs modernize your legacy systems with

No data lost

Migrated system with proficiency without disrupting the performance

Enhances productivity and hence new businesses customers

Free up IT resources and, therefore, all the costs that were draining your business

Our modernization services include


  • Platform migration

  • Data migration

  • Cloud integration

  • API development

  • Modernization of user interfaces

  • legacy point of sale system

  • legacy ERP systems

  • legacy systems in healthcare

  • Data migration from legacy systems

  • legacy mainframe systems

  • legacy comfort systems

  • Automation of manual processes

  • Using legacy system migration workbench to increase your business profitability

Once your legacy system is modernized, you have


Reduction in operational cost


Improved customer experience

Easier adoption of new technology platforms

Competitive edge in the market

And the cherry on the top is that we have an early bird discount that gives a 30% flat off on legacy system modernization assessment service.

Grab your legacy system modernization package and scale up your business for more profit.

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