Business monitoring and consulting services, namely, tracking websites and applications of others to provide strategy, insight, marketing, sales, operation, and product design, particularly specializing in the use of analytic and statistic models for the understanding and predicting of consumers, businesses, and market trends and actions.

We integrate data from business development and digital Communications to gain insights to drive the growth and success of the business.



  • Business Intent
  • Business Position
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Campaign Model


  • Consumer Intent
  • Consumer Position
  • Digital Competitive Analysis
  • Digital Campaign Model


  • Data Integration
  • Application Development
  • Application Integration
  • Portal Customization


  • Digital Analytics
  • Campaign Analytics
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Realignment

Enough of traditional and monotonous business development strategies. It’s time to adopt the Vdiation® methodology to take your business development strategies to a new level.

Business strategies need the integration of innovative, multi-dimensional technologies these days, which we implement to make the process efficient and effective.


We embrace multi-pronged strategies and tactics to enhance business growth and innovation.

Vdiation® is a winning recipe prepared by integrating four essential ingredients, i.e.,






Each step in this strategy is to properly align business and customer for leveraging technology at scale that will drive growth and success of the business.



Visualization is the first step we define a strategic road map focusing on vision, mission, goals, and objectives.

All businesses have their own pain points by creating a customer journey map identifying points of friction and possible causes of problems. We help businesses envision their growth and innovation on visual representation.

Business Intent

Business intent is the starting point of every business development venture.

We brainstorm your ideas to develop a thorough understanding of your requirements to lay the foundation for your success.

Business Position

The first step of understanding business position is done by conducting interviews with business stakeholders and desired goals.

We foresee challenges faced by your business regarding those plans and their implementation timeline to determine the urgency of the deliverables.

The business stakeholders’ interviews will be recorded, transcribed, and stored in our database to be utilized in our Vdiationsystem.

We match the supply and demand business and consumer positions this way, making the foundations of your campaign even more potent.

Competitive Analysis

We will evaluate your competitor’s position in your locality or globally to determine campaign strategy.

We will establish a model making your marketing campaign unique, efficient, magnetic to attract businesses.

Marketing Campaign Model

This is the most important part of the visualization strategy in our Vdiation® methodology.

After diving in-depth into your campaign, we create a robust marketing tool for business development.

This model integration of the business intent, business position, and competitive analysis to develop an individualized strategy that few businesses  would incorporate in their marketing campaigns. 

The campaign model will create value through

·       Defining your mission

·       Developing campaign value proposition(s)

·       Developing different consumer segments

·       Identifying channels to reach consumers

·       Identifying key resources

·    Problems/prospects Pain Points

·       Identifying key campaign activities

·       Developing consumer relationships

·       Rationalizing cost structure

·     Develop OKRs

·     Develop KPQs

·   Key KPI’s

·       Projected ROI

We implement this effective marketing campaign strategy in your business development strategy to enhance business growth.


Digitalization of your campaign is the core of marketing campaign digital strategy. After visualization, digitalization is the second cornerstone of the campaign. This step is equally important as we initiate efforts to win consumers.

We evaluate the consumer positions while creating a digital representation of your marketing campaign.

This phase has four stages, including

·      Consumer Intent

·      Consumer Position

·       Digital Competitive Analysis

·       Digital Campaign Model


Consumer Intent

Modern-day marketing campaign techniques are consumer-centric. Understanding customer intent is integral to knowing your customer in order to develop a winning formula to attract custmomers and retain their business.

We perform social research and conduct surveys.

The surveys would include questionnaires, likelihood scales, digital listening, interviews, and much more.

Through the surveys, we gain insights into consumer intentions and expectations regarding business ambitions and motives.

We strive to get consumer responses to the following questions: 

What makes them invest their time and resources in your product or services?

What is the consumer feedback on the marketing campaign?

What are their expectations from the business?

What will make them not buy your product or services?

What are the consumer evaluation criteria?

What are the consumer decision criteria?


Consumers Position

To counter an Ineffective marketing campaign strategy, measuring the consumer’s position is a regular task to redirect your resources efficiently.

Are the consumers really interested in your campaign?

The answer to this question lies in our consumer’s position model. We do a survey of consumers to know more about them.

The surveys will be recorded, transcribed, and stored in our database to be utilized in our Vdiation® system.

Like the business positioning system, we match the supply and demand between business positions and consumer positions to make sense of this data.

Digital Competitive Analysis

We will evaluate your competitor’s digital landscape during this phase. With this, we will be in a position to transform your campaign digitally by using emerging digital technologies.

This analysis is important in developing competitive advantage.

Digital Ecosystem Analysis

We help you in improving the digital ecosystem of your business, which eventualy helps you in growing your business in a better way. With the optimized digital ecosystem, your business reduce operational costs while increasing the efficiency at the same time.

Digital Services

We evaluate your competitors’ digitally-enabled services, which are providing solutions to their consumer needs.

Knowing the tactics of your opposition is the basis of the foundation of your own strategy. We do this with perfection.

Digital Partnership

We evaluate your competition’s digital interfaces to consumers. We see how they are aligned with their business.

We investigate competitors’ funders to find loopholes in their marketing campaign strategy to manage your reputation better.

Consumer Integration

We evaluate your competitor’s all-digital touchpoints to reach consumer to ensure you are not missing any avenue for your campaign.

Digital Visibility Analysis

Then comes our digital visibility analysis, which gives us insights into your and your competitor’s digital presence.


We evaluate your competitors’ technical Search Engine Optimization (SEO) position and set it as a benchmark for their site optimization.

This way, we know what their outreach is and which group of voters they are targeting.


We analyze your competitor’s website’s traffic sources. From this, we determine potential marketing opportunities for your website and digital campaign.


We analyze the keywords of the competition to know what keywords your competitor is targeting.

When we do this, we ensure to find potential opportunities to rank higher in the same keywords to curb your competitor’s outreach.


We determine the link-building strategy of your competitor to find potential backlink opportunities for your digital campaigns as well, which enhances your organic visibility.

Features Analysis

Analyzing specific features and functionality of your competitor’s website is part of our core strategy.

This analysis allows us to understand your competition so that we can emulate their successful strategies.

Social Media Analysis

We analyze your competitor’s social media engagements and conversations and set them as a benchmark for making a judgment about their digital presence. With this, we enhance your social media presence.


By integrating all the marketing campaign efforts together, we make a framework that is hard to construct otherwise.

Our integration efforts are intended to combine the effective marketing campaign strategy to help businesses attain Innovation and growth. 

This approach has multiple steps, including:

Data Integration

Managing and segmentizing data are what we do to make sense of the scattered numbers.

We combine business and consumer data to develop an analytical database.

Application Integration

By integrating consumer and business data from already existing systems into our digital framework, we centralize your campaigning efforts.

Application Development

We develop business apps for better campaign reach.

Portal Customization

We configure a portal to make the business a recognizable brand.


We transform your marketing campaign by adopting a more effective marketing campaign strategy.

Being the final step in our Vdiation® methodology, our adaption strategy is ready to break all barriers in your marketing campaigning efforts.

This strategy has the following steps:

      Digital Marketing Analytics

      Campaign Analytics

      Predictive Analytics


1. Digital Marketing Analytics

Measuring digital numbers is one of our core activities, where we analyze the marketing insights to transform your marketing strategy accordingly. 

  • Consumer Behavior Analytics

We measure consumer online behavior regularly by sentiment analysis, which is part and parcel of our strategy. With this, we get better insights into their likes and dislikes to promote your campaign accordingly. These analytics help us to keep your consumers engaged for a more extended period.

2. Campaign Analytics


We track your competitors to know how they attract, convert, and retain consumers.


To determine the efficacy of your campaign in social media and organic searches, help us to find ways to make your campaign more efficient.

As we rely on data, measuring campaign analytics is what we do on the highest priority.

3. Predictive Analytics

The pinnacle of the whole Vdiation®  strategy is our predictive analysis.

After carefully analyzing the entire campaign in the three initial stages, i.e., visualization, digitalization, and adaptation, and integrating them with digital marketing analytics and campaign analytics, we construct four prediction models with the following scores.

      Behavior Score: calculates the probability of consumers engaging in buying your product or services.

      Support Score: predicts the consumer preference for a product or service.

      Response Score: predicts the voter response to your campaign message.

      Vdiation® Score: calculates the overall score for the business compared with the competition score for the winnability of consumers.

4. Realignment

Once you get your Vdiation® score, it is the beginning of marketing optimization.

After carefully analyzing your Vdiation® score, we realign your marketing campaign message to the needs of your consumers.

We keep on performing all the hacks to get the highest possible Vdiation® score for your campaign, increasing your chances of selling your product or services to consumers.

Our Vdiation® methodology promises to deliver results by using all the multivariable inputs to search engine actionable business insights that deliver competitive advantage.


  • Business Intent
  • Business Position
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Campaign Model


  • Consumer Intent
  • Consumer Position
  • Digital Competitive Analysis
  • Digital Campaign Model


  • Data Integration
  • Application Development
  • Application Integration
  • Portal Customization


  • Digital Analytics
  • Campaign Analytics
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Realignment